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IEEE HKN Rutgers
IEEE HKN Rutgers
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IEEE Eta Kappa Nu, Gamma Epsilon
Welcome to the IEEE Eta Kappa Nu at Rutgers University homepage!

About Us

We are proud to be the official international honors society for Electrical and Computer Engineers sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). We help prepare students for the real world by hosting a variety of workshops and events. At Rutgers, we host a plethora of services for all Engineers. Information on them can be found below:

We host tutoring events and sessions upon request. With our network of members, we can always find someone to help.

Career Development

We host career building sessions, resume workshops and have real Engineers from industry come and share their experiences.

Skill Building

We host service programs and leadership training to educate students and make them more valuable to employers.


Below you will find our list of upcoming events as well as photos from our previous events.

Our E-Board

2017 - 2018 School Year
person 1
Naorin Hossain
person 2
Michael Collins
Vice President
person 3
Shubhra Paradkar
Vice President
person 4
Seo Bo Shim
person 5
Kishan Patel
Corresponding Secretary
person 6
Ryan Kellerman
EGC Representative
person 7
Hsinyo Yin
EGC Representative
person 8
Akshitha Ajayan
Event Coordinator
person 9
Deepti Upmaka
Event Coordinator
person 10
Jack Chiu

Our Advisor

person 10
Vishal Patel

Member List

Below you will find a link to the most current member list:
IEEE HKN Rutgers Member List 2017 - 2018
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